Sluice Boxes, Riffle-less Introduction

Just what is a Riffle? Traditionally a Riffle is an obstruction. In the mining equipment world the Riffle was, and still is, generally used to obstruct and slow down the movement of gravels to cause the dropping out of the heaver materials in it. Read a book about prospecting or mining, go to a gold show, look at just about any prospector type magazine advertisements, articles and what do you see – mostly Riffled Slice Boxes of so called traditional and not so traditional Riffle shapes, sizes, etc. usually installed in what is called a Sluice Box.

If you are new to the mining world and eager to learn what is what about mining equipment, there is a ton of information in books and the Internet on this very subject to go through. If it wasn’t for my knowledge and experience (which is an ongoing event,) on various subjects within the mining world, I would probably overdose on reading too much while trying to sort out the reality from the hype presented on just this subject of Riffles. Since this is not a straight forward subject, I have decided to break it down into installments, which you the reader can hopefully make sense of for yourself and perhaps help you make more informed conclusions when making a choice on what is the best equipment to use for your particular situation in Sluice Boxes. Stay tuned and follow my blog for the future installments on this subject… Feed back and constructive thought is encouraged from you, the reader. You can also check out, on our website, our own line of sluice boxes and the cleangold line of sluice boxes. Cheers.

The Fossicker,
Dennis Katz

Above Video: by Joey Wilson of Prospecting Channel on Cleangold Mercury Free Mining… Sluicing with The Fossicker.  Below: The Fossicker with 16″ Beach Sluice Box by CleanGold.

16" Riffleless Sluice Box by Cleangold

16″ Cleangold Riffleless Sluice Box


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Dennis Katz - Inventor of the Pyramid Pro Pan and Maverick Finishing Pan and sluice boxes. FOSSICKERS / Gold Pan Prospectors aims to supply the best finishing gold pan and production gold pan for prospecting.
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  1. This is undeniably AWESOME….A masterpiece of “old school”” lacking in today’s so called modern world!….


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